Cafes, pubs, bars and nightlife in Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik, as in the rest of Croatia, café culture is something that regularly astonishes visitors. Young or old, all gather for a daily gossip over a macchiato or espresso. This process seems to last forever, leaving tourists wondering if anyone does any work around here. The cafés are always busy, the coffee usually good, although it is a good advice to try to sit down at the most crowded cafés (good coffee is a magnet).

The standard espresso, macchiato and cappuccino are available everywhere, while a latte here is called bijela kava (white coffee). Macchiato is coffee with milk, and you can order it with hot or cold milk, some cafés deliver the milk on the side which is the best serving option.

Dubrovnik Old Town panorama

Dubrovnik nightlife

After having walked the old city walls and narrow streets of Old Town Dubrovnik, developed a nice tan on one of the nearby beaches, maybe even taken in a museum or two, it's time to hit the streets and check out the nightlife offer in Dubrovnik. You can start the evening with a stroll along Old Town's famous Stradun or Placa street. Dubrovnik Old Town is a non traffic area. Relax in one of the sidewalk cafés engaging in one of Dubrovnik's favorite pastime activities: watching and commenting on passing people.

There are numerous bars, most of them only minutes walking from each other. If in doubt, just follow the crowd...

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A locally updated collection of some of the best bars, pubs, local cafés, night clubs, casinos, discos, cocktail bars, and jazz cafes in Dubrovnik will be added soon.

Last update: 18.10.2019