Dubrovnik nightclubs, disco and dancing

It's only 22.00, you just finished an exquisite dinner consisting of delicious sea food, accompanied with some nice wine, in one of the many restaurants inside Old Town Dubrovnik. It's time to hit the bars and clubs! From exploring Dubrovnik's Summer Festival events, sipping cocktails in some of the many bars or partying in Revelin Tower, Dubrovnik has an array of exciting nightlife options.

Not so fast, it's all about the company

Romanic nightlife

Well, if you are on vacation with that special person why not start by paying cafe bar Bu┼ża a visit. It's located just outside the city walls with tables only steps from the sea, overlooking island Lokrum. This used to be a "secret" spot for locals but the rumor has spread since then, be prepared having to wait for a free table during high season. Relaxed chill out atmosphere, accompanied by discrete candles on each table. This bar deserves a visit during daytime as well, bring your swim suite, have a relaxing swim while the ice in your cocktail slowly melts away.

There are numerous bars, most of them only minutes walking from each other. If in doubt, just follow the crowd...

Find the best places to stay in Dubrovnik Old Town.

Popular local bars

The popularity of bars among Dubrovnik locals tends to swing every year, some bars pop up as the new "in" place to be seen at, while others just seem to loose the "spark" they once had. Since Old Town Dubrovnik is not that large it is easy to spot the most popular bars, a good giveaway is usually the large crowd standings in the narrow street next to the bar.

Hint: take a stroll behind Dubrovnik cathedral, you might just find what you are looking for.


If hitting the dance floor is on your to-do list while in Dubrovnik there are several options.

Skybar, just outside Pile Gate.

Nightclub and Cocktail Bar Revelin inside the medieval fortress Revelin.

Beach Club Banje, just outside the Dubrovnik City Walls

Last update: 18.10.2019
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