Flights to Dubrovnik Airport, including Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle Bus timetable and information

General information

Traveling by plane is a convinient and comfortable way to visit Dubrovnik. Many European companies have regular flights to Zagreb and from there the Croatian national carrier, Croatian Airlines, provides regular flights to Dubrovnik and other destinations within Croatia. The airport nearby Dubrovnik is called Čilipi Airport and is located about 22 km from Dubrovnik and about 3km from Cavtat. If you are arriving on a regular flight, there are regular buses departing from the airport to Dubrovnik. Travel time is around 25-30 minutes.

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Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle Bus Service and Timetable: Updated daily

There is a regular Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle Bus service. Upon arrival buses meet all scheduled flights at the Dubrovnik Airport for a transfer to Dubrovnik Main Bus Station. The trip duration is 30 to 40 minutes. The timetable for the Dubrovnik Airport Shuttel Bus transfer changes daily, depending on the flight schedule. A one-way ticket is 65 Croatian Kuna (ca. 9 EUR one way), open return ticket is 90 Croatian Kuna (ca. 12 EUR).

Departures from Dubrovnik to the airport are from the Main Bus Station located in Gruž Port, usually 90 minutes before regular domestic flights, and 2 hours before regular international flights. Please note that charter flights usually have their own airport transfer arranged.

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The airport shuttle bus departing from Dubrovnik will be stopping at the following bus stations: Main Bus Station in Gruž Port, Grawe bus stop and Cable Car station (above Old Town Dubrovnik).

Time of departure from Dubrovnik Main bus station

Price in Euro 9 EUR one way

Price in Euro 12 EUR open return

Tuesday, 28.3.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
04:30, 09:00, 10:00, 10:45, 12:20, 13:50, 14:50, 15:40
Wednesday, 29.3.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
04:30, 11:00, 12:20, 14:30, 15:30, 16:50, 18:50
Thursday, 30.3.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
04:30, 09:20, 10:50, 12:20, 14:40, 15:40, 16:45, 18:10, 20:10
Friday, 31.3.2023 Departures from Dubrovnik
04:30, 05:30, 07:25, 10:00, 11:10, 12:20, 13:45, 14:30, 16:50

How to purchase the shuttle bus ticket from and to Dubrovnik Airport

On the airport

  • - after you exit the baggage claim area the Platanus travel agency counter is on the right-hand side

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Dubrovnik Airport Arrivals, timetable for all flights arriving to Dubrovnik today

Timetable off all planes arriving to Dubrovnik today.

Dubrovnik Airport Departures, timetable for all flights departing Dubrovnik today

Timetable off all planes departing Dubrovnik today.

Parking on Dubrovnik airport

The airport has a parking lot with a capacity of 200 vehicles.

Please pay at the automatic pay station located next to the exit ramp. Payment accepted by cash and credit card.

Tariff (VAT included):

  • 15 min - free
  • 15 min - 1 hour - 10 kn
  • 1-2 hours - 20 kn
  • 2-4 hours - 25 kn
  • 4-12 hours - 30 kn
  • 12-24 hours - 50 kn
  • Every additional hour - 2 kn
  • Lost ticket - 400 kn

In the open parking lot in front of building B (Peron A) - 15,00 kn/per one hour, 30,00 kn/per two hour (retention up to two hours, 5min - free)


Check out the new tourist attraction at Dubrovnik Airport !

  • The Đurovića špilja (Đurović Cave) cave, situated under the platform at the Dubrovnik Airport, has opened to the public. This tourist attraction, named after the former owner of the site, is about 200 metres long and 25 metres deep. With a pleasant temperature of 16 degrees centigrade and the area of 9 thousand square metres, the cave is a real refreshment during the hot summer months, both for the body and the eye. The cave is now entered through an artificial 40 metres long tunnel which is closed by an iron gate in the vicinity of the Airport main office.

Low cost and charter flights to Dubrovnik

  • NORWEGIAN, Flights to Dubrovnik from Copenhagen and Stockholm
  • AERLINGUS, Irish flag carrier that operates a single low fare route between Dubrovnik and Dublin
  • BRITISH AIRWAYS, London Gatwick to Dubrovnik
  • GERMANWINGS, discount airline flying from western Europe to Croatia
  • TUI Airways, airline flying from western Europe to Croatia

Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines is a member of Star Alliance and operates domestic and international services.

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Last update: 28.3.2023