A city in rhythm with good entertainment

Because you love to have a good time...

In that you are not alone, who doesn't? Right time, right place! Go to Dubrovnik, the very place to have a good time in.

At New Year's Eve, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Masquerades...all these spectacular events will be etched in your mind forever.

The fact that the television station CNN ranked Dubrovnik among the seven most attractive locations in the world for New Year's Eve speaks for itself regarding the quality of entertainment, accommodation, food and beverages. CNN tried to give its viewers a glimpse of Dubrovnik that night, a night when the city became a body of forty thousand, moving to a single rhythm, the rhythm of good entertainment! A new dimension of tourism has been opened in Dubrovnik, a winter, New Year's Eve kind of tourism, where locals, Slovenians, Italians, Germans, British...together they counted down the last few seconds under the Bell Tower waiting for Maro and Baro to strike midnight.

Dubrovnik Old Town by night, source: Croatia Tourist Board

Every night has its power, yet the night of July 10th has a magic power indeed, Dubrovnik proudly presents the opening of the Dubrovnik Summer festival, go and see for yourself and let us know if we are right?!

As early as 1950, Dubrovnik with its summer festival was heralded a world phenomenon in new theater. Surrounded by the architectural beauty of Dubrovnik, actors from around the world have found the inspiration to bring to life renaissance sensibility, and reveal their closer contact with the audience. The festival has brought a new and wonderful atmosphere to the town, and has become one of Dubrovnik's essential attributes.

The Masquerades in the Old town begin after the St.Blaise festivity at the beginning of February, culminate during three days preceding Ash Wednesday and end by the closing carnival night. In recent years the Dubrovnik Masquerade has become a traditional segment of winter tourism. Stradun is the meeting place of young and old people from Dubrovnik and Pupa with their guests. Dominos, clowns, Pierrots, courtesans, gypsy ladies, punks and hippies - there are so many of them out there in the streets of February" when the people just go crazy".

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Feeling lucky? Don't miss a visit to Merit International Casino Libertas, the only casino in Dubrovnik at the moment, located in Hotel Rixos Libertas. All the big games are there, including Black Jack, Roulette, Caribbean Poker, Three Card Poker, and Texas Hold'em. Minimum bets range from 2 to 5 Euro depending on the time of day.

Another special reason to be in Dubrovnik on festive occasion is to watch the City Brass band which has an impressive history and has been active for over one hundred and sixty years. The festive days in the city are made even more so by the sounds of trumpets, trombones, bombardina, clarinets, tambourines, and the attraction of uniforms - the official dress of band players in the uniform of the colors of Dubrovnik - red and blue. Dubrovnik can also invite you to participate in the ordinary night life entertainment, when people gather in the Old Town, at Stradun, sipping on a drink, talking a walk or observing the old harbor in nightlight. The Old Town has become the meeting point for everyone who likes to watch and being watched, pubs, cafes, bars are all a significant part of the swirling night life in Dubrovnik.

The fascination of being a part of the Old Town at night is entertainment itself.

Filmed in Dubrovnik

Rich with historical sites and genuine natural beauty, Dubrovnik and Croatia are increasingly becoming a prime shooting spot for the film industry. While on vacation in Dubrovnik don't be surprised if you run into movie celebrities as you just might witness the next Hollywood blockbuster movie in the making.

Movies filmed in Dubrovnik among other include: Game of Thrones and Star Wars

Last update: 27.5.2023
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