Prapratno on Pelješac peninsula to Island Mljet car ferry | 2024 timetable

During summer visitors staying in Dubrovnik mostly use the fast catamaran line to visit Mljet Island. However, during winter the timetable for the fast catamaran line is not suited to return to Dubrovnik on the same day.

Regardless of the season, if you have your own car or decided to rent a car, there is a great way to visit Island Mljet and the famous Mljet National Park in one day, as a bonus you will also have the opportunity to explore Pelješac peninsula, the district famous for it's red wine production.

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Prapratno to island Mljet car ferry map

On the way to Prapratno you will also be passing the town Ston. We recommend that you make a short stop there, visit the town and the famous wall (the second longest wall in Europe), after which you can gather your strength with the world famous oysters or other delicious sea food this town is known for. This ferry line is the shortest and fastest ferry connection from the mainland to Mljet Island. The trip duration from Prapratno to Sobra on Mljet island is 45 minutes.

Where do I buy ferry tickets for the car ferry from Prapratno to Island Mljet ?

Ferry tickets can be bought at the kiosk in Prapratno harbour, usually one hour before departure. During summer we recommend that you arrive some time before and put your car in line to ensure a place on the ferry. Tickets can also be bought at the main Jadrolinija office in Dubrovnik. The distance from Dubrovnik to Prapratno is 60 km, approximately a one hour drive. Consider that during summer there could be heavier traffic on the road so plan your trip and leave Dubrovnik a little earlier.

How to drive from Sobra to the National Park on Mljet Island

Upon arrival in Sobra on Mljet Island just follow the signs for the Mljet National Park, distance is 25 km. The roads are narrow so keep your speed limited, you can park at the entrance to the national park and explore it by foot. Another great way to explore the Mljet National Park is to rent bicycles, the renting office is located at the entrance to the Park.

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  • If you dont want to drive consider booking some of the amazing day trips from Dubrovnik. If you are wondering where to leave your car for the day check out our guide on where to park in Dubrovnik
  • If you are driving from Dubrovnik you can buy the ferry tickets at the main office of Jadrolinija, located in Gruž Port
  • Leave early to have time to visit Ston and arrive at least one hour before departure in Prapratno
  • Upon return pay a visit to the salt fields (pans) in Ston, the most important and most profitable export item of the Dubrovnik Republic.
  • Upon returning in the evening and driving back to Dubrovnik you could stop in the cozy township Zaton (10 km before Dubrovnik), there are 2 very nice fish restaurants we recommend, Ancora and Kasar.


Prapratno - Sobra (Island Mljet)

Valid from 01.01.2024 - 30.5.2024 & 30.9.2024 - 31.12.2024

Departures from Prapratno (Pelješac peninsula) and Sobra (Island Mljet)

Departure from Prapratno Departure from Sobra
Every day 07:00* 06:00*
Every day 12:00 10:00
Every day 17:00 15:00
Every day 20:30 19:00

Valid from 31.05.2024 - 27.6.2024 & 2.9.2024 - 29.9.2024

Departures from Prapratno and Sobra (Island Mljet)

Departure from Prapratno Departure from Sobra
Every day 07:00 06:00
Every day 10:15 09:00
Every day 13:00 12:00
Every day 17:00 16:00
Every day 20:30 19:30

Valid from 28.6.2024 - 1.9.2024

Departures from Prapratno and Sobra (Island Mljet)

Departure from Prapratno Departure from Sobra
Every day 07:00 06:00
Every day 10:15 09:00
Every day 13:00 12:00
Every day 14:50 14:00
Every day 17:00 16:00
Every day 20:30 19:30

* Does not sail on 01.01.2024, 25.12.2024 and 26.12.2024

Fright vehicles above 5.01 tons pay extra

Trip duration: 45 minutes

In case of bad weather the car ferry will depart from Sobra 60 minutes later

State ferry line no. 832 VIEW TIMETABLE 2024 (PDF)

The company that operates the route has right to make changes to this timetable. Please confirm the dates and timetable by visiting the respective ferry operators web site

2024 Ticket Price in Euro - High season

Person 5,58 €
Small car 23,20 €
Bigger car 35,04 €
Van, caravan 37,54 € - 58,51 €
Motorcycle 11,35 €
Bike 5,58 €
Bus 85,74 € - 201,21 €
Freight vehicle 24,43 € - 39,30 €

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